Finally, a personalized and proactive plan to heal the overlooked causes of your health concerns.
Boost your energy, balance your mood, break free from pain, and restore your mental clarity.
You don't have to struggle through fatigue that holds you back, frustrating sleepless nights, uncomfortable mood swings, daily aches and pains, or the fear that your mental clarity and brain health are not what they used to be.
Are you ready to...
  • ​Have all the energy you want?
  • ​Balance and elevate your mood?
  • ​Get restful, restorative sleep?
  • ​Break up with headaches and pain?
  • ​Restore your mental clarity?
  • ​Get proactive about your future brain health and quality of life?
  • ​Finally partner with a practitioner who listens and is excited to help you feel your best?
Introducing... Your Activate Wellness Program, a personalized, holistic program designed to uncover the overlooked causes that are preventing you from being well and restore your body's natural ability to heal so you can feel your best! 
Your health is the difference between struggling to get through the day and winning the day.
Because how your mind and body feel is the difference between…
  • ​Making that call to your best friend to tell her you have a headache and are backing out of dinner plans last minute AGAIN or having that magical time to catch up and connect.
  • ​Waking up exhausted and relying on caffeine to power through the day or waking up recharged and ready to rock!
  • ​Hitting a wall between 2-4pm and having to give up and take a nap or feeling great, getting a few extra things done, and having plenty of time for family and relaxing in the evening.
  • ​Forgetting names, words, why you went into the other room or organizing information so you can perform at your best at home and work.
  • ​Snapping at your partner without meaning to or feeling relaxed and in the mood to connect with them.
  • ​Feeling frazzled and nervous or focused and confident.
  • ​Being embarrassed by your butt (or rather the sounds and smells that come with it) or pooping like you’re winning the championship for ease, completeness, and regularity.
You're not one to accept the status quo of mediocre health or a life limited by annoying, painful health concerns - you have the power to transform your health from limited to limitless.
Own Your Power And Transform Your Health So You Can Live With The Freedom Of Wellness & Resilience
Use the synergy of holistic health, functional lab testing, neuroscience, and mind-body medicine to break free from the symptoms that hold you back and discover a new level of freedom through health.
Dr. Sara DeFrancesco
Hi, I'm Dr. Sara DeFrancesco. I help people turn their brains and health back on by healing root cause metabolic problems (like overlooked inflammatory triggers, stealth infections, and nutritional deficiencies) combined with holistic neuroscience so you can heal the cause of what is preventing you from being well.

I work with clients seeking help for digestive problems, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression, brain fog, memory problems, and neurological conditions. The first thing we do is set the diagnosis aside and focus on you and your story so we can unravel the triggers and events that derailed your health. Then we create a personalized plan to heal your root causes, release toxicity, and nourish your body so you can recreate wellness and build your resiliency.
Every cell in your body is programmed to heal and perform at its best IF you provide the right environment.
Our approach is focused on helping healthy people maximize their wellness and resilience as well as helping people with chronic health concerns stop and reverse the dysfunction and degeneration of failing health systems.
Imagine you’re driving and the the check engine light pops up on your dashboard alerting you to a problem with the engine. The light tells you there’s a problem that needs be checked out, but it doesn’t tell you what the problem is.

So what are you going to do next? Keep on driving, ignore the distress signal, and hope for the best? Maybe you could put a piece of duct tape over the light and it wouldn’t bother you anymore? No, of course not, you don’t want to blow your engine and have to get a new car – so you’re going to take your car in to find out why the check engine light came on and fix the cause.
Your symptoms are not here to hurt you. They are here to save you by alerting you to the problem so you can resolve it and heal.
Your symptoms are just like a check engine light. They are not here to hurt you. They are here to save you by alerting you to the problem so you can resolve it and heal. Our holistic root cause approach focuses on the education, lifestyle, mindset, testing, and personalized plan you need to heal dysfunctional cells and systems so you can find your hidden causes and obstacles to healing.

Every cell in your body is programmed to heal and perform at its best IF you provide the right environment.
Finally, A Smarter & Holistic Approach To Health
Data & Testing to identify and resolve your inflammatory triggers (like chronic infections, toxic burden, and nutritional deficiencies to name a few).

Smart Supplements and specific protocols customized for each phase of healing based on your root causes, lab testing, and history.

Mindset, Nutrition, & Lifestyle recommendations so you know exactly how to continously improve your health.

Education & Support so you can successfully transform health outcomes for you and your family.
Uncover & Heal Overlooked Root Causes
  • Mindset, Stress, & Self Image
  • Inflammation & Poor Immunity
  • Poor Digestive Function 
  • Digestive Infections (Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi/Candida, Parasites, Worms)
  • Chronic Bacterial & Viral Infections
  • Liver Dysfunction & Poor Detoxification
  • Nutrient Deficiencies
  • Mitochondrial Dysfunction
  • Thyroid & Adrenal Imbalance
  • Sex Hormone Imbalance (Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone)
  • Environmental Toxins & Toxic Burden (Including every day toxins & heavy metals.)
  • Nervous System & Brain Imbalances
Instead of focusing on symptoms and disease management we focus on YOU to uncover and heal what is preventing you from being well.
By addressing the underlying causes and triggers that lead to painful and annoying symptoms, our clients have improved:
  • Brain Health & Mood Disorders (Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression)
  • Cognitive Decline (Brain Fog, Poor Memory, ADD/ADHD)
  • Digestive disorders (IBS, SIBO, Crohn’s, Colitis, Heartburn)
  • Autoimmune disease (MS, RA, Celiac, Type 1 Diabetes, Hashimoto’s, Psoriasis, Etc)
  • Difficulty Losing Weight
  • Hormone & Endocrine Imbalances (Thyroid Disease, PMS, PCOS, Hot Flashes)
  • Infertility & Irregular Menstrual Cycles
  • Joint Pain & Stiffness
  • Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome
  • Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia
  • Poor Energy & Adrenal Imbalances
  • Health Optimization & Resiliency
Your Activate Wellness Transformation
Our method is offered in a 3 or 6 month health optimization program where you work one on one with Dr. DeFrancesco to heal the causes of your health concerns with a comprehensive and personalized plan.
Your Program Includes:
  • 3-5 - 60 Minute Comprehensive Consultations
  • A Personalized & Proactive Plan To Heal The Overlooked Causes Of Your Health Concerns
  • An Investigative Approach To Your Case
  • Data & Testing To Identify Root Causes
  • Advanced Blood Chemistry Analysis
  • Root Cause & Functional Lab Testing
  • Personalized Lifestyle Solutions & Design
  • Mindset, Meditation, & Brain Balance Training
  • ​Personalized Lab Interpretation & Report Of Findings
  • Smart Supplement Protocols For Each Phase Of Your Healing
  • Education & Support
  • Activate Wellness Nutrition & Lifestyle Guide
  •  Direct Lab & VIP Supplement Pricing
  • Ongoing Education + Special Trainings
From Limited To Limitless
Your Healing Journey + Our Proven Process
Getting Started: Your Initial Consultation
  • Tell Your Story & Be Heard: Key insights to your healing are missed when your story is not fully heard. We begin by setting the diagnosis aside to listen from a new and holistic perspective.
  • Thorough History & Timeline Assessment To Identify Triggers: We assess your history from childhood to present to unravel the triggers and events that derailed your health.
  • ​Investigative Medicine & Testing To Uncover Overlooked Causes: With a clear picture of your history and timeline, we will recommend advanced lab tests to uncover overlooked causes and assess your health on a cellular level.
Lifestyle, Nutrition, Mindset, & Brain Balance Training
  • Personalized Lifestyle Solutions & Design: While your lab tests are being processed, we will start with your personalized lifestyle strategy so you can begin healing right away.
  • Learn How To Eat, Move, Think, & Sleep: Create an environment that supports your health, you disrupt the genetics of disease and unlock a lifetime of benefits that can be shared with your loved ones and passed on for generations to come.
  • Customized Nutrition Plans To Support Your Goals: We will create a customized nutrition plan so you can use food as medicine without all the confusion. 
  • Solutions For Insomnia, Anxiety, & Stress Relief:​ Learn the tools to decrease your stress response so you can feel more relaxed and benefit from regenerating sleep.
  • Mindset, Meditation, & Brain Balance Training: Because your thoughts and mindset influence your brain function and biochemistry, holistic neuroscience and mind-body medicine techniques are essential for your healing success. 
Understanding Your Answers
  • Lab Interpretation: Once your lab tests are complete, we will send you a report explaining your lab findings so you and your loved ones can understand your root causes before your follow up appointment.
  • Advanced Blood Chemistry Analysis: To get the most from your blood chemistry results, we use advanced training to get important nutrition and health status data from your blood tests.
  • Education & Answers: Partner with us to learn the how and the why of health so you can become your own best care giver.
Your Personalized Plan
  • A Personalized Plan To Heal From The Root Cause Up: After thoroughly evaluating your case, we create your personalized plan. It's important that we do the right things in the right order to help you achieve the best results.  
  • Customized Supplement Protocols For Each Phase Of Your Healing: You will receive personalized plans at each phase of your healing journey. Health plans are typically 30 days long and consist of specific nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement protocols for each phase of healing. Then we will move on to the next phase with a new plan.
Education & Support
  • Activate Wellness Nutrition & Lifestyle Guide: One of the ways we provide education is through our Nutrition & Lifestyle Guide so you have a manual for health are your fingertips.
  • Ongoing Education + Special Trainings: Dr. DeFrancesco loves teaching, writing, and creating videos as well as live trainings to keep you in the know on how to maximize your health.
  • Messaging Support: Secure messaging support to answer your questions and check in between appointments so you can stay on track and be successful with your plan.
Transform Your Health & Your Mind
  • Live With The Freedom Of Health & Resilience: Heal the causes of your symptoms so you can live free of pain with the mental clarity, energy, balanced mood, and resilience you need to live your best life.
  • Graduate From Health Seeker To Health Owner: Learn the skills to optimize your health and wellness long term.
  • Share Your Knowledge With Loved Ones For Generations To Come:​ Share your knowledge and lead by example to help your loved ones transform their health. They will want to know what you've been doing!
Start Your Personalized Program Today
The Activate Wellness Program is personalized for you to help you get the results you are looking for. Our promise is to do whatever it takes to help you find an answer. We promise to be cost conscious without compromising your goals.

With this approach you can get results much faster than you think possible, save time and money by taking the fastest path to your health goals, and create sustainable results and resiliency that you will benefit you longterm.

Our Activate Wellness Program starts at $2500. Testing and supplements are a separate investment customized for you based on your needs. To learn about flexible payment options for those on a budget, please see our frequently asked questions below.
Quick Start
Designed to quick start your health journey, discover answers to your health concerns, and optimize health for clients who generally feel good and want to improve. 
Starting at:
  • 3 - 60 Minute Consultations
  • 1 - Lab Interpretation Report
  • 3 Months Of Care & Message Support
  • ​Direct Lab & VIP Supplement Pricing
Total Transformation
Our most popular and comprehensive program designed to provide you with the root cause expertise, plan, and support to transform your health.
Starting at:
  • 5 - 60 Minute Consultations
  • 2 - Lab Interpretation Reports
  • 6 Months Of Care & Message Support
  • ​Direct Lab & VIP Supplement Pricing
Apply To Work With Us & Find Out If The Activate Wellness Program Is Right For You
Success Stories
Dr. DeFrancesco is amazing! She is thorough to find the root causes to ailments, with the right testing, the right gut health approach and education. I appreciate the time, thoughtfulness and work that goes into each of my appointments with her. I will forever be grateful for working with Dr. DeFrancesco after seeing several other MDs, NDs, chiropractors and massage therapists. I am finding answers to struggles I have been having for ten plus years!
- Jennifer
Dr. DeFrancesco is a very skilled practitioner and it was a joy to work with her! Her work is very comprehensive, including an in-depth intake form, and comprehensive lab tests that give her information to find the root cause of symptoms. I worked with her for about a year and all my symptoms that I came to her with have disappeared (with no pharmaceuticals, just lifestyle modifications and targeted supplementation)! She dives deep into health history, symptoms, lifestyle, and self-care practices, offering a truly whole body approach. I highly recommend partnering with Dr. DeFrancesco to resolve any health issues!
- Maria
I can’t say enough about how grateful I am for finding Dr. DeFrancesco! I came to see her with a variety of health concerns and she was certain she could help me get back to optimum health again. Her intake form, lab testing and in person consultations were incredibly thorough. I felt like she really heard me and was genuinely dedicated to helping me get better.  

The plan went above and beyond just dietary and supplemental recommendations. Together we dove deep into exploring ways to improve my lifestyle, emotional and spiritual well being. I also received some incredible acupuncture sessions from her which were so complimentary to the other work we did together.

By staying dedicated to the plan I was back to feeling better than ever in a surprisingly short amount of time! This has been an incredible experience, very educational and empowering. Thank you Dr. DeFrancesco for all of your help!!
- Laura
Could not be happier. Possibly the best decision I've ever made.
- Kirby
I have had such a positive experience working with Dr. Sara. She recommended a series of lab tests that helped me find my root cause, and then started me on a regime of supplements to start the cleansing and healing. We also changed my thyroid medicine, and I have seen huge improvements with energy and clarity. Thank you Dr. Sara DeFrancesco!
- Michelle
Is this the right solution for you?
Is Activate Wellness the right solution for you?
  • ​Are you looking for a more proactive approach to your health?
  • ​Have you been told to "watch and wait" or have not been given an explanation (or plan) for your health concerns?
  • ​Have you tried holistic approaches, but feel like you need a program that will dig in to your case and help you with the causes of your symptoms or diagnosis?
  • ​Are you looking for a program that uses testing and data as well as holistic medicine?
  • ​Do you feel like your health is holding you back and if you felt better your quality of life and purpose would improve?
  • ​Do you want to partner with a doctor who listens and is excited to help you feel your best?
Do you want to...
  • ​Stop chasing symptoms and get to the real causes of your health concerns?
  • ​Heal mood and memory problems naturally without using unnecessary medications?
  • ​Eliminate brain fog, improve your brain health, and protect your future quality of life?
  • ​Get the answers to heal your digestion and stop feeling like your IBS is running your life?
  • ​Wake up feeling rested and have sustained energy throughout the day?
  • ​Balance your hormones and heal PMS and period problems?
  • ​Optimize your metabolism and feel at home in your body?
Who is Activate Wellness not the right solution for? 
  • ​Clients who don't want to change their nutrition or lifestyle to transform their health.
  • ​Clients who would rather use medications to suppress symptoms instead of nutrition, lifestyle, and supplements to eliminate and heal root causes.
  • ​Clients who don't want to improve their mindset and do the work.
5 Myths About Holistic Root Cause Medicine Debunked
Myth # 1 - I've tried "everything"

Many clients who work with us have been to multiple doctors, specialists, and even Naturopathic Doctors. For many getting the answers and care they deserve is a long road and it can feel like you've tried everything, but we guarantee you haven't. Your body wants to heal, it just needs the right conditions and instructions.

When a person submits to the thought of having "tried everything" they subconsciously submit to the idea that nothing more can be done. Most people we speak to have never had a root cause approach to their case, functional lab testing, smart supplements, and a personalized plan that makes sure they are taking the right steps in the right order - all of which can be fundamental to the healing process. Chances are there are many aspects of your health that have not yet been fully explored. 
Myth # 2 - If this worked, my doctor would know about it.

Conventional medicine is designed for acute care, emergency interventions, and advanced disease states. The focus in conventional care is on the disease name and a one-size-fits-all pharmaceutical approach to manage symptoms. This is often necessary for acute care or emergency interventions to help you feel better in a traumatic or life-threatening situation. However this is an ineffective method for addressing chronic conditions which often worsen when the focus is managing symptoms instead of resolving causes and rebuilding health.

A personalized approach to chronic conditions and health optimization allows us to focus on the root causes of your health concerns and provide a plan designed specifically for you to remove your obstacles to healing, support optimum function of your body's systems, and strengthen your health and resiliency. We also believe that there is a time and place for intelligent use of conventional methods, and will recommend them accordingly if we feel it’s necessary. 
Myth # 3 - I don't have time.

We are all allotted the same amount of time in a day, and that time passes whether you’re healthy or sick. Few things are more wasteful than time spent managing an illness or disease. Think of all the hours spent online researching your illness or sitting in a doctor’s waiting room for a 15-minute visit. When you don’t feel well, you’re also less productive at work and that can impact your finances - which leads to more time wasted spent worrying about your bottom line. 

We believe that being healthy is one of the best ways to free up more time for you to do the things you enjoy the most with the people you love the most. In order to help you make the most of your time, we offer the option and convenience of video consultations to provide you with clear, concise directions on how to finally take control of your health and your life. The next 24 hours are going to pass regardless of what you do. Why not spend them pursuing better health?
Myth # 4 - Functional medicine is expensive.

This is the biggest misconception about functional medicine - primarily because we’ve been conditioned to expect insurance to pay for everything. In doing so, we have unwittingly ceded control of our wellness over to the lowest bidder - at the expense of our own health. In reality, functional medicine is the most affordable form of healthcare on the planet, especially when you consider that the average person spends more much money in their lifetime in the allopathic model managing a disease or illness without ever truly healing. 

Thankfully, some forward-thinking insurance companies and governments are now running pilot-projects to demonstrate the significant cost savings to both clients and healthcare systems using a functional medicine model, while at the same time helping participants achieve increased positive health outcomes.  

Sometimes the true cost of services being rendered isn’t just measured in dollars and cents, and just because something is covered by your insurance company does not make it cheaper. We’re proud of the fact that the average Activate autoimmune client saves thousands of dollars each year in medical expenses, while at the same time learning a liberating life skill that can be taught to their own children and loved ones. When choosing a healthcare provider, it’s important to look beyond the cost of something and instead consider it’s value. From the longterm perspective, functional medicine wins every time. 
Myth # 5 - I can figure this out on my own.

We live in the era of information and the entirety of the world’s knowledge is available at your fingertips. Yet the most valuable information you need for healing is to know what’s going on inside your body and specifically the personalized plan that will work for you. 

Our process is focused on your story, medical timeline, game-changing functional lab testing (for example the health of your cells and gut bacteria which we cannot know from your history and physical exam alone), thorough analysis of your case, and support to provide you with a deeper insight into your personal health challenges and how to overcome them. 

Our goal is to partner with you to help identify the root cause of your health problems, teach you the life skills you need to remedy them, and support you in your transformation. Self-navigating through the sea of conflicting information ends up costing you both your health and your sanity, because general information may not be relevant to you and your case. We don’t recommend it.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What should I expect at my initial consultation?

At your initial consultation Dr. DeFrancesco will listen to your story and review your health history. From there Dr. DeFrancesco will discuss the recommended lab tests and nutritional recommendations.
What should I bring to my initial consultation?

To get the most value from the initial consultation complete and return your intake form 48 hours in advance. Please provide any information on pertinent health records, test results, and current supplements.
How much does the initial consultation cost?

The initial consultation is $500.
How long is the initial consultation?

The initial consultation is 60-75 minutes.
What is included in the Activate Wellness Program?

The Activate Wellness Program includes:

- 3-5 Comprehensive Consultations
- An Investigative Approach To Your Case
- Personalized Lab Interpretation Reports
- Customized Nutrition & Lifestyle Design
- Personalized Root Cause Plan
- Direct Lab & VIP Supplement Pricing
- Online Educational & Development Workshops
How do I know if I qualify for the Activate Wellness Program?

The Activate Wellness Program is for anyone who wants to maximize their health. If you have a condition which requires urgent medical attention or if you are not motivated to take responsibility for your health through significant nutrition and lifestyle changes, the Activate Wellness Program is not a good fit for you.
Do I still need a Primary Care Physician?

Yes. We provide consulting services for holistic wellness only. It is your responsibility to continue care with your primary care physician. Always consult with a your health care provider before beginning a new supplement, especially if you are pregnant or nursing.
Does the cost of the initial consultation apply to the cost of the Activate Wellness Program?

Yes, your initial consultation is one of your 3-5 appointments included in the Activate Wellness Program. When you enroll in the Activate Wellness Program your payment for the initial consult is credited to the total investment in the program.
What is the investment in the Activate Wellness Program?

Flexible payment plans are available by making a payment of $500 when you book your initial consultation.

Activate Quick Start starts at $2500. Payment options are:

Step 1: $500 Initial Consultation

Step 2: Choose your payment plan for remaining balance.

- Pay In Full: $2000 (Best value. Save $100-150 compared to payment plans.)
- 2 Monthly Payments Of: $1050

Activate Total Transformation starts at $3500. Payment options are:

Step 1: $500 Initial Consultation

Step 2: Choose your payment plan for remaining balance.

- Pay In Full: $3000 (Best value. Save $100-150 compared to payment plans.)
- 2 Monthly Payments Of: $1550
- 3 Monthly Payments Of: $1050

Are labs and supplements included?

Labs & supplements are not included in the Activate Wellness Program and are an additional cost depending on what you need.

We offer direct lab pricing which means that you pay the lab directly and get the best prices on recommended lab tests. The labs we work with offer insurance coverage for PPO plans as well as cash discounts.

Supplements are provided at a 15% discount through our online retailers and in-house medicinary.
How much should I budget for Functional Lab Tests?

We’re committed to enhancing your access to the services, laboratory testing, and medicines you need through transparent and affordable pricing. We provide labs and supplements at our cost – no markup – and pass the savings on to you.

On average, you should budget between $500-$1000 for functional lab tests.
How does the lab testing work?

Bloodwork recommendations can be completed with your doctor or through direct lab companies where you can order them on your own.

Functional labs tests are typically done at home with a kit and clear instructions we provide you with. Payment is made directly to the lab to ensure access to the lowest price possible.
What are your office hours?

Our office hours are Tuesday to Friday 10AM-5PM.
What happens after I complete the Activate Wellness Program?

When you graduate from the program we will discuss next steps and create an annual plan for you to stay on track and follow up as needed. Many of our clients continue working with us for health optimization.
I’m ready to get started, what are the next steps?

Apply to work with us by clicking the button below and filling out an application. We will review your application with care and compassion within 1-2 business days. 

If you qualify, the next step is a complimentary discovery call with Dr. DeFrancesco so we can determine if we are a good fit to work together.This is your chance to get all of your questions answered and find out if our program is the right solution for you.
Ready To Find Your Root Causes And Transform Your Health So You Can Make Your Future Years The Healthiest Of Your Life?

Apply To Work With Us And Find Out If The Activate Wellness Program Is Right For You
We will review your application with care and compassion within 1-2 business days. If you qualify, the next step is a complimentary discovery call with Dr. DeFrancesco so we can determine if we are a good fit to work together.
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